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Valif 20 MG - Vardenafil

Valif 20 MG - Vardenafil

Vardenafil Tablets - Valif

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What do you understand about Valif 20 mg tablets?

Loss of an erection at the time of intercourse is very depressing. If you are unable to satisfy your mate with your erection, you need to get it corrected soon as delay will hamper your relationship. Valif is the worth medication used among people for eradicating the possibility of erection failure. If you are suffering from erection default then use Valif as soon as possible to correct your erection trouble.

How Valif tablets works?

Valif is basically having Vardenafil as basic component that belongs to PDE5 inhibitor. This drug works by restricting the function of PDE5 thereby raises the cGMP number so causing vasodilation of blood vessels leading to fast blood flow to penile. Speedy blood flow to penile causes stronger erection. Sexual stimulation is required for getting an erection.

What is the dose needed for getting better erection?

For achieving effective erection, you should use 20 mg single tablet 60 minutes before you go for an intercourse. The action begins within 30 minutes of Valif intake. The effect happens for 4 to 6 hours duration.

What are some contradictory measures to follow with Valif 20mg ?

• You should not use Valif, when you have any allergies.
• Contraindicate nitrate form of drugs, when you are taking Valif.
• If you have medical problems such as heart attack, stroke, high/low blood pressure, liver disorder, kidney disorder, you should never use Valif.
What are the safety measures to follow with Valif?
• Avoid any form of ED drug when you are already taking Valif.
• Use in proper dosage form with caution.
• You may feel dizzy with Valif, so be careful of harsh activities.
• Avoid drinks containing alcohol and grapefruit juice if you are using Valif.
• Report in case you get pain during an erection.

What are the harmful effects with Valif ?

Some side effects that arise with Valif are heartburn, nausea, dizziness, headache, flushing, stomach upset, pain during an erection, allergies, seizures, irregularity in heartbeat, sudden loss of vision, severe headache, and vomiting.


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