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What is Ultram 100 mg and what is used for?

Ultram 100 mg is most excellent pain medication that is frequently used for the management of moderate to severe pain. It is an oral medication, contains Tramadol as the main active ingredient. Ultram rapidly helps to overcome pain after undergoing surgery or chronic ongoing pain. This medication also controls the weird symptoms of pain like spasm, strain, sprain, twitches, muscle fatigue, trembling, and ligament tear.

What is the functioning of Ultram 100 mg?

Ultram (Tramadol) 100 mg comes under the class of Opioid drugs. It functions inside the brain by changing the body's response towards the brain. It shows its action by working as µ opioid receptor agonist, norepinephrine, and serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Ultram also inhibits the pain impulses that move from the site of pain towards the brain. Therefore, it blocks the pain signals that has aroused inside the body.

What is the dosage instruction regarding Ultram?

To overcome the pain sensation, normally used dose is 100 mg after every four to six hours. Take this medication via oral route with sufficient water with or without meals. The maximum dose one should ingest is up to 400 mg per day. The dose can be changed depending on the condition of the patient.

What are the contraindications to follow with Ultram 100 mg ?

• You must not use this medication if you are suffering from allergies, a stomach blockage, and severe asthma.
• Inform the doctor before taking Ultram 100 mg about your medical ailments such as drug alcohol addiction, abuse, stomach ulcer, liver disorder, kidney disorder, and mental illness.
• Never use this medication if you have used tranquilizers, sedatives, narcotic medications, and alcohol.

What are the undesired effects with Ultram 100 mg?

Some common side effects of using generic Tramadol may likely to occur such as tired feeling, dizziness, feeling nervous, a headache, itching, drowsiness, nausea, sweating, flushing, and stomach pain.

What are the safety measures to follow with Ultram 100 mg?

• Use of Ultram may change your thought process so be away from activities that need mental stability.
• People who have drug abuse or addiction should not consume Ultram and do use it for a longer duration.
• In the case of pregnancy and lactation, do not ingest Ultram and less than 16 years have to consult the doctor.


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