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Buy MTP Kit Online USA

Buy MTP Kit Online USA | MTP Abortion Kit | Misoprostol Mifepristone Pills Online Cheap

Generic Mifepristone-with-Misoprostol

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Buy MTP Kit Online (Generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol )

MTP kit (Abortion Kit) is a trustworthy option that should be taken to terminate intrauterine pregnancy, i.e. 49 days of gestation period. This medication contains two different hormone derivatives, which possesses different mechanism of action to induce medical abortion.

Composition of MTP kit:

This dosage form contains two different synthetic derivatives, i.e.

Mifepristone (Abortion Pills Kit) is a best hormonal derivative, which is approved by an FDA to terminate pregnancy of 7 weeks by showing its beneficial action. This works by eliminating the release and activity of female hormone, i.e. progesterone, which is the primary requirement for sustaining of pregnancy throughout the 9 months.  Due to this inhibitory property, this drug comes under the category of anti progesterone agent. This drug also works by blocking delivery of the nutritious supplements and oxygen to the fetus, which induces fetal death.

Misoprostol (Abortion Pill) is another drug that comes in the MTP kit, which is used to eliminate the uterine content form the tummy of mother through its significant action. This dosage form works by inducing the effect of prostaglandin to promote uterine contraction, that's why this drug belongs to the category of prostaglandin analogue. This drug is also used to enhance the therapeutic effect of Mifepristone. This drug taken after the dose of Mifepristone, in case Misoprostol fails to terminate the pregnancy. 

How to take MTP Abortion Kit?

If you are starting your therapy with Mifepristone, then take it orally with a single dose. Take 3 tablets of this drug, i.e. 600 mg dose, with a glass of water.

If you are taking Misoprostol dose, then take 4 tablets of this drug at a time, orally or vaginally, as per your acceptance.

Vaginal bleeding can be experience by a woman, after consuming this drug.   

Who should not use MTP kit (Mifepristone+Misoprostol )?

This drug should not be used by a woman having hypersensitivity to this drug or conceive ectopic pregnancy.

This dosage form is also avoided by a woman who is taking anti coagulant or anti epileptic drugs. 

Important information about MTP kit (Abortion Pills):

This drug should not be consumed by a woman less than the age of 18 years.

Consumption of alcohol should be avoided by a woman during this medication. 

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I was 5 weeks pregnant. Review by Sofia
I was 5 weeks pregnant with my boyfriend and i was very upset because it was too early for me than my friend suggest me MTP Kit and used it. I found it works very well...Thanks MTP Kit... (Posted on 7/25/16)

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