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Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution

Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution

Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution

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Minoxidil hair growth solution is a topical solution, which is used for promoting hair regrowth in patients who are undergoing through a gradual thinning of hair or hair loss on the top of the head.  It is a renowned solution for reversing hair loss mainly in people with hereditary alopecia. 

How does Minoxidil hair growth solution works? 

Minoxidil shows its therapeutic action by dilation of blood vessels. By enhancing the diameters of blood vessels, it helps in decreasing the pressure of blood flow by liberating nitric oxide.  

What are the conditions in which Minoxidil hair growth solution should not be used? 

  • Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages while using this solution as it leads to dizziness.
  • Pregnant females should avoid application of this solution.
  • This hair growth solution is contraindicated in case of children. 

What is the storage condition of Minoxidil hair growth solution? 

This solution should be stored at a room temperature of 30 0C. It should be kept away from direct heat light and moisture in cool and dry place. 

What is the procedure to apply Minoxidil hair growth solution? 

  • Before applying this solution you should wash your scalp properly with a mild shampoo and dry your hair properly.
  • Now apply this solution with the help of dropper on the scalp and then wash your hands properly.
  • This hair growth solution should stay on the scalp for 3 hours before washing.   

What are the possible side effects of Minoxidil hair growth solution? 

This hair growth solution may lead to irritation, itching, or redness to the patient`s scalp. It can also lead to the feeling of feelings of light-headedness, breathing problems, fast heartbeat and unwanted hair growth. 

What are the safety tips that should be followed while using Minoxidil hair growth solution? 

  • This hair growth solution is meant for topical use so you should apply this solution properly on scalp and avoid contact of this solution on the skin.  
  • Avoid application of this solution on an irritated scalp. 

Customer Reviews

I had problem of Alopecia. Review by James
I had problem of Alopecia and the Dr. prescribed me Minoxidil as hair growth solution. I ordered it online and used for 3 month. I got 100% result now my hair is very good as my younger days. (Posted on 7/18/16)

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