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Buy Lenalid (Lenalidomide) 10 mg online

Buy Lenalid 10mg - Lenalidomide 10mg

Lenalidomide 10mg

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The drug is served as capsule form that is analogue of thalidomide meant for the treatment of

Multiple myeloma along combination of dexamethasone, Mantle cell lymphoma and myelodysplatic syndrome. The drug serves as immunomodulator and also serves as antiangiogenic drug. The drug is available in 10mg dose. Lenalid is also served in 5mg and 25mg having generic Lenalidomide.

How the Lenalid helps you?

The drug might act in following way:

  • By stopping the blood vessels development,
  • Decreases the cytokine level and thus the growth factor of production is decreased,
  • Evoking immune system and increasing the rate of apoptosis rate. 

When you should not use the medication?

  • If patient is suffering from bloody, tarry stools or has blood in urine.
  • When patients experience swelling in legs or arms or sudden shortness of breath and chest pain.

Along which drug the drug Lenalid should not be administered?

  •  (Digoxin), blood thinners (Warfarin), RBC production drugs, drug in any form of estrogen.

What are the safe storage conditions for the Lenalid?

Keep the capsule in dry and moist free area, prevent it from direct exposure of sunlight and open flame.

How to administer the Lenalid medication?

Take the capsule orally along plain water, without crushing or chewing the tablet. 

What are the ill effects seen after intake of Lenalid?

The drug may bring following unwanted effects like: Low blood count, diarrhea, fatigue, and itching, rash and poor appetite.

What are the conditions to take care while taking the medication Lenalid?

  • The drug is not meant for the pregnant ladies and nursing mother.
  • One should not administer the drug while getting in unprotected sex, as the drug passes in the semen.
  • The drug may turn you dizzy and one should not go for mechanical work. 

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