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buy Iressa (gefitinib) 250mg

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Iressa is an anticancer medication used for the management of lung cancer. This drug also comes under the brand name Gefticip that contains a generic Gefitinib which is a epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

How does it acts?

It works by blocking the action of tyrosine kinase enzyme This enzyme is required by the cancer cells to grow, so by hinderering with its function and targeting the distorted protein in the cancerous cells the drug helps to stop the development of cancer cells and decrease their ability to spread all over the lungs and beyond and destroys the cancerous cells.

Under what conditions, Iressa (gefitinib) is prohibited?

  • If you are oversensitive to Gefitinib and other components of this drug.
  • In pregnant as it leads to difficult effects on unborn baby or nursing mother, or male and female patients trying to conceive.
  • If a patient is undergoing from pulmonary fibrosis.

What medicines affect Iressa (gefitinib)?

Some of the drugs that interact with Iressa, they change the action of this medicine when they are giving in combination with

  • Antiulcer medicines Ranitidine, Cimetidine, Pantoprazole
  • Antifungal drugs Ketoconazole and Fluconazole
  • Anti tuberculosis medications Ethambutol Rifampin,
  • Anticoagulant medicines Warfarin and Heparin 

What is the usual dose of Iressa (gefitinib)? 

Gefticip is accessible as a 250 mg tablet. The usual dose of Iressa is 250 mg tablet which is taken orally once in a day and dispersed with a half glass of water and drink the complete liquid right away. It may be consumed either on an empty stomach or with meal. Patients taking this medication normally require frequent blood tests during the course of their treatment, and you should always attend all appointments for tests and checkups.

What are the unfavorable effects of Iressa (gefitinib)?

Some side effects occur while taking Gefticip that include fatigue, mild nausea, hair loss and acne. Some serious side effects include bloody or black stools, fever, blood visible in urine, coughing up blood, trouble in breathing, and eye pain. Ask your doctor right away if you see any of the side effects.

What are safety points of Iressa (gefitinib)?

  • Do not drink grapefruit juice while consuming this medicine, as it can lead to some unnecessary side effects.
  • Those patients who are consuming this medicine usually need regular blood tests during the course of their management, and you should always focus all dates for checkups.

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