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Hair Growth Supplement

Hair Growth Supplement

Herbal Hair Growth Supplement

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Hair loss is the prominent problem that commonly occurs in both males and females. This problem can be occurred due to various causes like inadequate diet, certain medication, genetic problems, hormonal imbalance, over styling and excessive stress. Problem of hair loss can also be termed as alopecia. It equally affects the psychology of both male and female after getting this problem.  This condition is also develop the feeling of self consciousness, lower the self esteem and also causes depression.

 There are various home care ways to improve the growth of hair like regular massage of hair with coconut oil, applying onion juice on the hair scalp, apple cider vinegar, egg mask, fenugreek, green tea and Indian gooseberry. They are the approaches that rich source of iron and vitamin, which is requires for managing the hair growth. Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy nutritious diet and adequate sleep can also helpful to improve the growth of hair.

 Diet for hair Growth:

Promoting natural growth of hair can be also achieved by eating various supplements like omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin E and copper. Spinach (that rich source of iron, beta- carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C and Folate), egg (rich source of protein, biotin, vitamin B, iron, sulfur and zinc), sweet potatoes (rich source of magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin A, B, C, K and E) and oyesters (rich source of zinc). These are the sources that effectively improve the texture and growth of hair.

 Hair Growth Supplement

There are various medications that are used to treat hair loss problems like vitamin C, zinc, biotin, niacin and iron supplements. These are the nutrients that essential to improve the growth, texture and appearance of the hair. But, these requirements are not completely accomplished by using home care medications.

 Vitamin C is the most essential nutrient, which is required for inducing the anagen phase of hair follicle and also stimulating the resting phase of hair follicles. It is beneficial to take more Vitamin C supplement for promoting hair growth.

 Biotin is a type of water soluble vitamin, which is used to stimulate the hair growth and it also used to thicken the hair strands. Taking this supplement can also helpful to prevent hair loss.

 Healthy habits to enhance the beauty of hair:

 • You should not use fewer chemicals on the hair to maintain the beauty of hair.

• Use herbal product like shampoo, oils or hair mask on hair scalp.

• Avoid unnecessary peeling of hair.

• Wash your hair twice a week.

• Fungal infection can also induce hair fall; so it is beneficial to treat as soon as possible.

• Avoid too much combing of your hair.

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