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 Fair & Lovely | Anti-marks Cream

 Fair & Lovely | Anti-marks Cream

 Fair and Lovely Anti-marks Cream

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Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream is one of the most common topical preparation that is used to increase the beauty of skin. It is a multivitamin cream. It is also used in winters to reduce the dryness of skin and enhance moisture to give extra fairness. Use of this medication helps to manage non-oily, non-greasy look and face and it increase looks a lot better than before and even toned. It contains vitamins namely Niacinamide, Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Pyridoxine but it is not a potent fairness cream.

Method of application of Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream: 

Wash your face and face before application. Take sufficient amount of cream on your finger and gently rub in your face. This medication is recommended two times in a day usually in the morning and at bedtime. Use this Fairness Cream for a longer period for better effect.  

What are the safety precautions of Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream?

  • You should do not use this medication in the area of cut or in burned skin as it is topical preparation.
  • If you have to use another cream, you should wait or wash your face after application of Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream.

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