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Buy Cerazette Pill Online | Desogestrel 0.08mg

Buy Cerazette Pill Online | Desogestrel 0.08mg

Desogestrel 0.08mg

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Cerazette is an oral contraceptive pill indicated to prevent pregnancy. It is a Progestogen-only-pill (POP).
This pill consists of small amount of female hormone, Desogestrel (Progestogen). Like other Progestogen-only pill, this contraceptive pill also works chiefly by checking the sperm cells from entering the uterus but they do not stop the egg cell from maturing, which is the major way by which combined pills work. Cerazette is a pill you take each day of the month to keep away from getting pregnant.

How it works?

Cerazette thickens the mucus in the cervix, which prevents sperm from reaching the egg.

In which conditions Cerazette is avoided?

Do not take this medication in following conditions:
• If you are hypersensitive to Desogestrel, or any other components of Cerazette.
• If you have any unexplained vaginal bleeding problems.
• If you have a history of jaundice (yellowing of the skin) or any serious liver ailment and your liver is still not functioning normally.
• If you have a thrombosis. Thrombosis is the condition in which blood clot forms in a blood vessel [for example, lungs (pulmonary embolism) or legs (deep venous thrombosis)].
• If you have or if you are detected with a cancerous growth under the influence of sex-steroids, for example, breast cancer.

Which drugs stop Cerazette from working properly?

• Anti-Tuberculosis drugs such as Rifampicin
• Anti-seizure medications like Phenytoin, Carbamazepine, Primidone, Phenobarbital
• Remedy for stomach upset such as medical charcoal
• Antidepressant herbal solution like St. John’s Wort
• Anti-HIV drug (Ritonavir), or medications for other infectious illnesses (Griseofulvin)

How to store Cerazette?

Protect this contraceptive pill from the reach of children. Do not use it after the expiry date.

How to take Cerazette?

Each Cerazette strip contains 28 tablets (4 weeks supply). You are advised to take your tablet at the same time each day. The tablet is to be swallowed as such without breaking. When a strip is empty, you should begin with a new strip of this pill on the subsequent day, without pause and without waiting for a bleed.

What will happen if you forget to take Cerazette?

Take a tablet of Cerazette the moment you remember and consume the subsequent dose at the usual time. This may signify taking two pills in one day. This is not injurious. (If you have missed to take more than 1 tablet you do not need to take the former missed ones). Carry on taking your tablets as usual but you should also use an extra method to protect from pregnancy, such as a condom, for the subsequent 7 days.

What happens if too many Cerazette tablets are taken?

There have been no reports of severe damaging effects from consuming too many Cerazette tablets at one time. Signs and symptoms that may occur on consuming this drug in excess, may include nausea, vomiting and slight vaginal bleeding.

How often are possible side effects seen on taking Cerazette ?

• Common Cerazette side effects: reduced libido, depressed mood, headache, nausea, acne, mood changes, breast pain, weight increase or uneven or no periods.
• Uncommon side effects: vaginal infection, vomiting, trouble in wearing contact lenses, painful periods, hair loss, fatigue or ovarian cysts.
• Rare side effects: rash, painful blue-red skin lumps (erythema) or hives.

Warnings and precautions:

• If you have ever had breast cancer or liver cancer, avoid the use of this contraceptive pill.
• Avoid Cerazette if you have a history of cardiovascular problems such as thrombosis, high blood pressure.
• If you have a history of diabetes or epilepsy, Cerazette is not suitable for you.
• If you have or ever had chloasma (condition in which yellowish-brown pigmentation patches form on the skin, chiefly face); thus it is better to avoid excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays.

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