Celina father was a reputed businessman of the town but from last two-three years, he was failing to margin up good benefits in his pockets. His business turns stagnant and seeking his inability to manage things he sends Celina to MIT to learn the new tactics and rules which fits well to the modern business basics.

Celina's father had already shut down one wing in the area out of three functional units. Every day and night he was just waiting for Celina to come back to town and help him to get out the mess he is currently in. So, finally Celina came back home and it took her almost a month to study and find out the faults that are drowning the business of the family. On her first day at the office, she felt pain in her stomach and observes nausea and vomiting. Same thing she noticed on next day and for the whole week. Then she strikes with a thought that she had missed her menstruation cycle!!!!! She yells…No in grief as the whole family expectation is on her and she can't be pregnant at this crucial time.

As this is not the right time to tell family members about her lover as it’s the time to focus on the family business not to start a new family when the very own family is not in happy state and is struggling with a financial deficit. Therefore she decides to abort the very unwanted gestation and keep her love in secret until she brings back her family business on track. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task you have to give up many beloved things to take the business to the stars. So, did Celina with Cytotec pills and later 2 years when her business started earning profits she disclosed her love & the lover to the friends & family.

Cytotec tablets consist of 12 pills of Misoprostol each of strength 200mcg. These medicines you have to take up in a set of 4 pills for about three times maintaining a lapse of 3 hours between each respective dosing. You can take these pills either sublingually or by inserting into the vaginal opening. Within an hour of taking the first dosing, women start bleeding vaginally and get strong abdominal cramps along with heavy menstruation, chills in feet, shivering, sore throat, headache, back pain, muscle ache, and fever are some of the adverse indications of taking Cytotec abortion tablet.

Cautionary measures that a woman must take to as to experience the minimum number of side effects in the body are avoiding intimacy, heavy work out, drinking alcohol, puffing smoke, heavy deep oil fried foods should be avoided, and any abuse of drug should not be done whilst bleeding vaginally. Rest and healthy meals are the only things that a woman can opt-in this time. Ectopic pregnancy should not be evicted by these medicines as the effect is threatening. Taking out IUD from vagina prior putting pills is the necessary step.

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