True or not, but the general concept goes that a male is a more powerful gender, a gender of go-getters and strong headed people who are ready to take on any challenge. The stronger they are the more attractive they get. Now whether or not this is true is a different matter altogether but generally, such notions are associated with males. In bed as well, this manliness is well portrayed in many movies, porn and erotica especially, where he makes a woman moan and wither in pleasure and pain, where he doesn’t stop after even a great length of time and even manhandles the woman, sort of makes her a puppet and does what he wants with her and she keeps on insisting him to continue. Now, this is dangerous in more than one ways but here we look at the physical and emotional complication. Even if porn is removed from the picture, a man is considered or a man considers himself to be the dominating force on the bed and any shortcoming in the lovemaking is taken right at heart.

When we look closer at erectile dysfunction, apart from the fact that it may be a marker for some other diseases, the consequences are emotional disturbances such as loss of self-esteem, self-abasement, and depression. They are ashamed of themselves to an extent that many of them don’t even want to see a doctor. What makes people see this condition as a blot on their manliness and not as a medical case is this image of males which is propagated with such intensity in the glam world as well. This blog is not to write to judge anything or anyone and nowhere is it said that one should not have any pride in one’s gender it is to just represent a point of view sharing what effects the whole manliness thing can have when a person thinks it’s gone.

Vilitra 20mg tablet is a brand that has made a huge name for itself by its unfaltering ability to manage ED. The massive reputation Vilitra enjoys is due to its ability to offer a sustained and powerful erection making the user all the pain of being unable to make love and indulge in it with full vigor. Another reason why this product is chosen all across is that it is affordable and acts faster than its other counterparts. Vilitra is a brand of Vardenafil.

Vardenafil acts as a PDE-5 inhibitor, it inhibits this enzyme called PDE-5 and thus aids in the improvement of blood flow. This enzyme reduces blood flow through the male genital as it destroys cGMP which dilates and relaxes the blood vessels thereby enhancing the circulation through them. The effect increases when Nitric Oxide is released by the male body (in a sensually excited state) as it further builds up the cGMP concentration, this is why one should take Vilitra in a sensually motivated state.

Vilitra is obtainable in 20, 40, 60 and Super Vilitra tablets of dosing strengths. The therapy mostly begins with 20mg dose and is increased as per the demand of the condition. Vilitra is taken orally, once a day with water and about 45 minutes prior to making love.

A few notable side effects of this medication are a headache, sickness, inexact vision, overexcitement, facial flushing, muscle tenderness, painful back, blocked or a runny nose, indigestion, and priapism.

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Safety measures:

Keep away from being alcohol and grapefruit juice consumption as it slows the action of Vilitra. Driving or doing any other related activity is not advisable till you know how you respond to this medication as it may induce lightheadedness in a few. Being on therapy with any nitrate-containing drugs, you need to avoid taking Vilitra.

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