Have you ever imagined about the reaction of your partner if you would fail while making sensual intimacy because of erectile dysfunction or impotence condition? This can be the worst situation not only for your but also for your partner because of lack of completeness and satisfaction in bed. Erection failure not only creates anxiety or performance stress in a man but also makes his partner frustrated because of dissatisfaction. A man starts to think him with low sensual potency; however, this is not true. This is not a much serious issue unless you ignore it if happens repeatedly. Thus, once you notice such failed erections during lovemaking with the partner, start your medical regimen of Vidalista, which not only treat your condition but also helps in improving your sensual vigor making you the desired sensual man to your partner.


A brief summary of Vidalista, its therapeutic action, dosing, and safety measures-

Vidalista is one of an immensely used oral remedy for the condition of impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) in adult males. Vidalista is a hugely preferred brand for generic Tadalafil, which works for a longer duration with a fast onset. Hence, Vidalista (Tadalafil) Tablets acts faster and helps such males facing erectile failure issue with an enhanced potency for completing a pleasing lovemaking with the partner without facing any erection failure.

Tadalafil belongs to PDE-5 inhibitor moiety that causes blockage of the PDE-5 enzyme, which was degrading cGMP. Hence, Vidalista prevents degradation of cGMP required for sufficient blood supply. Thus, after sensual arousal and release of nitric oxide in the body, a man will be able to attain and sustain a stiff erection once the nitric oxide relaxes the constricted blood vessels around genitals and cGMP causes adequate blood flow towards penile organ.

Vidalista comes in the form of orally administered formulation accessible with dosage strengths of 40mg and 60mg tablets. Thus, the dosing regimen involves oral ingestion of a single tablet at about 30minutes before making sensual intimacy with the partner. This causes the onset of action within 15minutes of ingestion and the effect of the drug last for the longer duration of up to next 36hours. Therefore, consumption of more than 1pill in a day is never suggested and a gap of 3days is suggested between two doses else, it can lead to painful or prolonged erection (priapism). A man taking Vidalista just need to be sensually provoked for making the drug active in the body within its duration of action.

A man taking Vidalista medicine may observe some transient irksome effects of nausea, headache, headache, hazy vision, facial flushing, runny nose, indigestion, backache, or muscle pain. Hence, Vidalista should not be taken if your age is less than 18years or above to 65years else, this can worsen your health.

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Few advisory tips while using Vidalista regimen should be followed as-

  1. Alcohol consumption is not suggested because of aggravated adverse effects.
  2. Use of any nitrate medicine while using Vidalista is not advised because of the risk of a sudden drop in blood pressure.
  3. A man should not take Vidalista if he is suffering from medical issues of liver, heart, genitals, kidney, or bleeding disorder.
  4. Taking Vidalista during hypersensitivity to any constituent of this medicine is contradictory.
  5. Consuming high fatty food and grapefruit juices while using Vidalista medicine should be avoided else, these can make the drug less responsive.

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