Cancer is a horrible condition in an individual that develops due to the uncontrollable growth of cells. This is a collective disorder that involves the abnormal cell growth in tremendous amount. This is a condition that generate due to the accumulation of affected cells to form tumor. These cells proliferate into the body and also damage the healthy cells. 

Veenat is an excellent drug that consumed by an individual to get prevention against cancer problems. 

Nowadays, the inadequate habits of an individual can increase the number of this disorder among the population. In present era, it is one of the most dangerous issues that are faced by most of the person. There are various reasons that involves in this disorder, but no exact cause is found for this problem. 

Chewing tobacco is one of the major reasons that are responsible to cause cancer. Other reasons are excessive exposure to ionizing radiation, alcohol consumption, certain infections, lack of physical activity, obesity, environmental pollutant and poor diet habit. But, sometimes it occurs due to the genetic defects that inherited from their parents. 

This disorder is identified by screening test or various sign and symptoms of this disorder like unexplained weight loss, new lumps, prolong coughing, abnormal bleeding and changes in bowel movement. But, this disorder is confirmed by the medical imaging and biopsy test. 

There are various approaches that can successfully used to manage the symptoms that arise due to this underlying disorder like chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy and surgery. 

Veenat is an efficient and outstanding approach of chemotherapy that successfully used to treat various cancerous problems. 

This is a best chemotherapeutic agent that proficiently solves the malignancy issues due to its vital ingredient, which is named as Imatinib. This is an amazing formula that fall under the category of protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor, which conducts its beneficial action by inhibiting or slowing the growth of malignant cells in the body. This is an FDA approved drug that reveals its unbeatable action only on the cancerous cells. 

Indication of Veenat: 

This dosage form is approved to treat various cancerous issues like skin cancer, chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), bone marrow disorders, certain tumors related to stomach and digestive system and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 

Composition of Veenat: 

This is a dosage form that is available in various effective doses. It is available in 100 mg dose, which is served in capsule dosage form, but, it is also available in 400 mg dose that is presented in tablet formulation. 

Dose and mode of administration: 

This dosage form is an oral medication that should be swallowed through oral cavity with the help of enough amount of water. Take this medication once or twice a day, as per the medical condition of patient and type of disorder. 

This drug should not be taken more than 800 mg per day; as taking more than recommended dose of this drug can be responsible to develop various unpredicted or noxious symptoms in the body.

This drug may cause some unwanted side effects like headache, nausea, diarrhea, reduce blood cells number, body pain or cramps, bleeding, loss of hunger, vision problems, fluid retention and weight gain. 

Who should not take Veenat?

This dosage form should not be consumed by an individual having some medical problems like history of hepatic impairment, allergic problem to any ingredient of this drug and cardiovascular disorder. 

This dosage form should not be taken along with certain remedies like chloramphenicol, anti fungal drugs, anti viral drugs and certain medication fall under the category of CYP3A4 inhibitors like Clarithromycin and Nefazodone.   

Some safety measures should be taken while consuming this dosage form: 

  • This dosage form should kept away or avoid taking by pregnant woman due to its risk of having embryo fetal toxicity.
  • This drug should be kept at room temperature and the dosage pack should be store in air tight container.
  • Try to take this medication on regular basis at same time. 

Where you can buy Veenat? 

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