Depression is a feeling that takes you in a state where your touch with outside world is lost. You are subjected to your own worries and you do not think of anything else. When you smile but inside you want to cry, one may talk but one want to remain quiet, one pretend that he or she is joyful but actually they are not. This is a fight between you and your depressed thoughts. You cannot keep waiting when this war ends. Being in a depressed state for lie long is not a good idea. Depression will take you to next level where some people have suicidal tendencies. The best way to deal with this slow going issue is Valdoxan. This medication enables you to live a life successfully without any depression issue. You will be worry free and in a good state of mind which is required. You will soon have a positive attitude towards your life. Loving your life is an important thing that you should do for rest of your life.

Valdoxan has generic form as Agomelatine that treats the depressive disorder. This belongs to anti-depressant class that suppresses your depressive problem. This functions mainly by mimicking the activity of melatonin present inside your brain. Melatonin is an essential hormone that is produced through the pineal glands. This essentially works in regulating circadian rhythm. This also promotes well sleep/wake cycle. It helps in regulating mood, appetite, anxiety, and body temperature. This maintains your mood by increasing the dopamine level and noradrenaline level inside the brain.

Dosing structure about this medication:

The recommended dose for abating depression is 25 mg one pill at night time every day. When your signs has not improved within 2 weeks of its usage then elevate your dose to two pills each 25 mg every day at night time. You can either use it with meals or not. When you forget the dose at bed time then leave it and start from next day. Do not double the dose to cope up the skipped dosage. The treatment is normally continued for about 6 months.

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Contradictory factors:

  • Do not use it when your age is under 18 years.
  • Do not use it when your age is above 75 years.
  • Do not use in hepatic disorder.
  • Do not use if having dementia.
  • Do not use in allergic reactions.

Safety points:

  • Prevent drinking of alcohol as this might cause ill issues.
  • Dizziness will be high so lessen the driving, and other operations that need vigil.
  • Before using in pregnancy or lactating mothers, ask your doctor about it.
  • Have a regular blood test to check liver function.
  • Report your doctor if your smoke as it affects drug action.

Common forms of after maths are as weight gain, back pain, abnormal dreams, difficulty in sleep, dizziness, feeling sick, tired feeling, anxiety, and abdominal pain.

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