All through the net and through other platforms several misconceptions and myths about abortion are prevailing. All these myths suggest that the use of abortion pills is wrong and harmful to women in some way. Below we state some such myth and facts along with them.

Myth: RU486 Abortion Pill UK is unsafe; there is a higher risk to women than continuing the pregnancy to term.

Fact: This process is very the pill used in this process is included in the essential and safe medicines needed in health system list of the WHO. When the guidelines are followed they are quite safe.  On the other hand there are various studies and surveys that tell us that continuation of pregnancy has higher risks to the health of a woman.

Myth: Women having an abortion might suffer from infertility.

Fact: Safe, legal abortion is performed by qualified professionals and there is hardly any data to support that there is a future risk to fertility. Most of the women have undergone abortion are very much able to have children; a few women may have delayed menstruation but that gets back to normal after some time.

Myth: Women use abortion pills as a substitute for contraception

Fact: Abortion is actually the last resort women turn to; most of the women who had an abortion were on contraceptive pills or other methods of contraception. We know very well that no contraceptive technique is 100 % effective and there is enough data available to support the fact that many women turned to abortion after contraception failed.

Myth: Abortion can lead to mental disorders; it also can cause severe emotional distress.

Fact: It is the unplanned pregnancy that leads to emotional distress in some women though so far no credible research has shown any correlation between mental disorders and abortion on the3 another hand we have much data available which shows that abortion causes no long-lasting psychological consequences. In fact some women feel relief after getting an abortion.

Myth: Adoption should be chosen over abortion as it is better

Fact: We forget that many women choose abortion because they don’t want to become mothers at that point of time in the first place; many choose abortion because it is harmful to their health and some due to rape or incest. A study done in Australia showed that women find giving their baby away from a rather disturbing process they feel pain and sadness by doing so and many of them chose abortion.

Myth: Abortion can cause breast cancer

Fact: There is no data available to support this, no credible source of information has been found that suggest the role of abortion in increasing the risk of breast cancer.

RU486 is one of the most admired abortion pill widely used by women all across for conclusion of their early undesired pregnancy. This pill contains Mifepristone an FDA approved compound as its parent moiety; this drug is also included in the essential drugs list of the WHO. RU 486 is quite cheap and readily available product, it is safe, very successful, and easier to take, and tool-free method to get your pregnancy concluded. 

Mifepristone blocks a hormone called Progesterone which is responsible for the continuation of pregnancy as it supplied essential nutrients and oxygen to the fetal cells. The blockade of this hormone causes the cell death.

RU486 encloses three Mifepristone (200mg each) pills in its packet. Ingest the pills orally preferably on an empty stomach with water. After a wait of two days you shall get the abortion validated through an ultrasound. In a very few cases, complete termination of pregnancy is not achieved and thus you have two Misoprostol pills of 200mcg each. Take these pills orally or vaginally and get abortion verified after two days.

Common side effects that may come along with this medication are a headache, giddiness, loose stools, stomach cramps, backache, fatigue, stomach upset, and vaginal discharge.


  • Do not use these pills if you are wearing an Intra Uterine Device, first take it off.
  • This medication should not be used to terminate an ectopic pregnancy and a pregnancy older than 7 weeks of gestation.

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