Brand Temodar contains generic Temozolomide, which is intended to deal with cancer. It is used along with radiation therapy to treat certain types of brain tumor in adults. Sometimes this drug prescribed along with other medications of cancer. Generic Temozolomide works by interfering with alkylating and methylating of DNA of cancer cell, which helps to reduce the growth of these cells. It is also used to treat brain tumors and sometime in bone cancer.

Over a thousand of researches are going-on throughout the world and countless research works have been published on cancer, but still a novel therapeutic target is missing. Cancer is caused by several factors some of them are very common such as

  • Genetic cause
  • Mutation in gene
  • Medicines
  • Radiation

Every year more than millions of people die due to cancer and it is continuous increasing. Cancer is considering as a most dangerous disease, which is enhancing the morbidity worldwide. It is increasing the financial burden on patients as well as on families. Although, doctors have suggested that cancer can be reduced by limiting the alcohol intake, avoiding tobacco, limiting UV ray exposure from the sun and tanning and maintain a healthy diet.

Some types of symptoms are associated with cancer such as pain on that particular area, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, nausea, weight loss, chemical changes in your body, diarrhea or constipation and unusual immune system reactions to cancer. Whenever you feel these symptoms, you should go for medical checkup as early stage of cancer can be treated easily. Several treatments are available in market for the treatment of cancer Temodar is one of them. This drug is very useful in various types of cancers, so take it for brain tumors and other related diseases.

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The prescribed intake of Temodar that should be consumed:

Temodar is available in the form of capsule, so take it via oral route. This drug should be taken once in a day and take it in empty stomach usually 1to 3 hours before meal. Take it at your bedtime. This drug should be taken at the same time on daily basis, so that the amount of medicine in your body will be kept at a constant level. Avoid chewing and crushing of the capsule otherwise, you may feel bitter taste in your mouth. Do not increase the dose of this drug as it can produce serious side effects.

User may experience some side effects after the consumption of Temodar such as loss of appetite, vomiting, mouth sores, coughing, headache, tiredness, constipation, coughing, temporary hair loss, unusual tiredness, weakness, itching, excessive sleepiness, diarrhea, shortness of breath and fast heartbeat.

Safety measures should be taken while using Temodar:

  • Individuals who are allergic towards generic Temozolomide should avoid the use of this drug as you may feel allergic reactions.
  • Avoid any type of immunizations and vaccinations while using this drug.
  • Pregnant females should avoid the use of this drug as it may harm your baby.
  • Breastfeeding should also avoid the use of this drug.
  • Do not take it if you have liver and kidney disabilities.
  • Elderly patients use this drug with extra caution.

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