Sensuality plays a major role in building your relationships. You may see it in most of the relation. When two partners are not involved, they are not too connected to their partner as compared to partners who are connected after having intimacy. You share a bond that is too strong to break. Emotional attachment comes after intimacy only. Lackness in intimacy will only cause problems in your relationships. If you lose your erection, it means you can no longer perform well in bed. In addition, if your partner remains unsatisfied then there are possibilities that she may leave you. Such situations can be prevented by using Cenforce. This medicine works in the quick mode to bring up an erection.


You should keep Cenforce 100mg tablets with your always. Whenever you plan of sensual intimacy, you must try Cenforce before one hour of intimacy session. This will help you to have a sensual act for longer hours without any interruption. To know more about the details of this drug Cenforce, just have a look through the below blog. Our blog will explain you about its functioning, dose, and precautions/contraindications.    


Generic of Cenforce……………Sildenafil

A person must consume a single tablet of Cenforce with water to get an erection for pleasure. Sildenafil is the medication that belongs to a PDE5 category. This phosphodiesterase enzyme causes the breakdown of cGMP and so there is less vasodilation and less erection. Sildenafil ceases the functioning of PDE5 and so accelerates the cGMP number thus, bringing about quick blood circulation. This makes your erection to stand up quickly.


"Doses" Cenforce is available as 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg.


A person who has a problem with an erection has to consume a single tablet Sildenafil cenforce 150mg before one hour of physical intimacy session. The onset of activity begins within 30 minutes of physical activity session. The action remains for about 4-6 hours time.


Note some important points you must follow:

  • Use it only through an oral route
  • Remember to get sensually stimulated to gain the effect of this medicine
  • The next dose should be taken only after 24 hours

Contradictory and precautionary points one should follow while using this medicine

  • Do not exceed the recommended dose as it causes worse effects.
  • Shun alcohol and grapefruit drinks as these only induce more ill effects.
  • If persistent pain occurs while an erection, then talks to your doctor about it.
  • Render the overuse of fatty food as fats bring slow down of absorption rate.
  • Do not use nitrate medicines, as these will lower your blood pressure level.

TELL YOUR DOCTOR about medical conditions such as Cardiac ailment, hepatic disorder, renal disorder, and retinitis pigmentosa.


Aftereffects one notice with the usage of Cenforce are as mentioned below such as vision disturbances, flushing, nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsy feeling, dizzy feeling, back pain, muscle pain, and stomach upset.


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