Canesten is an antifungal medicine that composes Clotrimazole as an active pharmaceutical ingredient. That is used in the treatment of vaginal infection caused by yeast called Candida.


This yeast (Candida) stays normally in your body without doing any harm to you. But when the pH level of the vagina is upset then its starts in you with itching and develops the infection. In fact, every woman in spite of any age, background, career, or other circumstances can be affected with this infection. The most common symptoms of this infection include burning soreness, whitish odorless discharge, and itching Females usually feel awkward to talk about this problem. To overcome this we offer you our online services which make you easy to get this medication for your vaginal infection.

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How do Canesten works?

Generic Clotrimazole destroys the Candida which is responsible for infection by making holes in their cell membranes. Due to this, the essential constituent of the fungal cells are exposed out and hence, clears the infection.

How should you take this medication?

A single tablet of Canesten should be swallowed with a glass of water. It can be taken with or without food. Consult with a doctor if the symptom of yeast infection does not disappear within one week.

Under what medical condition you should not use clotrimazole

  • You should not administer this medication if you are hypersensitive towards Clotrimazole and related azole compounds.
  • Clotrimazole should not be administered along with terfenadine, cisapride or ergot-derivatives.
  • Do not consume Clotrimazole during your periods as it may be less effective.
  • Clotrimazole should not use in combination with certain drugs include astemizole, terfenadine, cisapride, ergot medicines and Pimozide.
  • Do not use this medication if you are under 16 or over 60 years of age.
  • If you have a problem of thrush twice in six months.


Adverse effects of Canesten

You may face some unwanted side effects for after administering of this drug

Skin rash, swallowing or breathing problem, Nausea, Swelling of your lips, face, throat or tongue, feeling dizzy, weakness, pain in abdominal and pelvic region, vaginal peeling and vaginal bleeding.


Warnings and safety precautions to be followed while using clotrimazole.

  • While using this medication remove all intrauterine devices (IUD) like intravaginal douches, tampons, spermicides or other vaginal products.
  • As this medication may reduce the effect of rubber contraceptives, you should use other contraceptives for few days after taking this medication.
  • Avoid vaginal intercourse when you are having thrush or while using this medication, as it may infect your partner.
  • Consult with a doctor if you are taking another medicine along with this medicine.
  • If you are a pregnant woman and nursing mother then let it knows to your doctor before using this medication.
  • Inform your doctor if you are taking immunosuppressive drugs along with this medication.
  • Your health provider may recommend you to use pessary without any applicator, to treat internal thrush.


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