What effects can the loss of words have on a writer, loss of all the practice has on a doctor, loss of all the acting skills have on an actor is nothing compared to the loss of erection have on a man.Now, the loss of erection ability is not just related to bodily pleasure or function here, the meaning gets much deeper when we understand the fact that this comes as an innate character to men, it defines who we are, it defines what we are supposed to do and when that is lost, something is lost. The even more pressing concern is the rate at which men are losing their ability to lose the erection, especially after it broke the general concept of it being an age related issue.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence is the biggest threat to man's sensual health and affects men of all age group. The problem mostly finds its way due to life style and certain diseases like Cardio vascular conditions, COPD, Diabetes etc. The area of work should be a lifestyle as few changes in it will be able to save us from this abhorrent condition. The over usage of alcohol, smoke, the physical inactivity and mental excessive activity that leads to stress are the major areas a male should work on, including healthy food. These basic things if kept in mind can help prevent ED largely and save you and your partner from the intense emotional outbursts that this situation gets you in.


These methods are important prevention tools but not the cure. The cure usually lies in medications.The best of its class medicine for the treatment of ED is Vidalista tablets. The drug has proved its competency by rising speedily to a higher rank in terms of usage and user compliance. Even though there are many medicines available for ED but Vidalista has made its mark and it is trusted hugely by many physicians as well as the patients. The drug contains Tadalafil as its active moiety that enables a male to get a hefty erection after usage.




Tadalafil is a Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, the drug is responsible for the enhanced blood flow in male genitals that lead to a sturdy erection. It achieves its goal by blocking the activity of PDE 5 enzyme which is the destruction of a very important chemical for erection known as cGMP. Male body in excited state releases Nitric Oxide that stimulates the production and accumulation of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum of male genital. The decrease in the inhibitory action of PDE 5 increases the amount of cGMP that leads to an erection that satisfies every need and desire of the user and his partner.


Vidalista is an oral tablet formulation that is available in 20mg, 40mg, and 60mg of dosing strength. Initiate the therapy with 20 mg of Vidalista which can be increased to 40mg or 60 as per the requirement or as the doctor prescribes. Take on tablet 30 minutes getting involved in a sensual activity with a large amount of water. The drug stays in the body for 36 hours and you need to take the next dose after three days.


Even though this a well-tolerated drug across a wide range of its users, it may cause certain discomfort in few of them. The most common side effects that a patient may feel are facial flushing, chest pain, body pain, stomach pain, nasal decongestion, ringing sound in ears, impaired thinking ability, dizziness, drowsiness, and painful erection.


  • Do not take this drug and consult your doctor if you have had a history of long and painful erections by using this drug.
  • Keep away from alcohol and Grapefruit juice as much as you can as these may aggravate few side effects of this drug.
  • This drug has been found to induce drowsiness in few, do not drive or do any such activity that requires attention, unless you know how you respond to the drug.


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