Infertility is on the upsurge and as a matter of fact; you are not alone. Thinking of root cause; infertility is chiefly linked with the lifestyle delinquents like alcohol addiction, lack of sleep, ageing & malnutrition. Also; ignorance to physical relationships! This brings to the conclusion that our entire society is in complete state of anarchy.

Today, it is a common problem, it can be due to men, women, by both or due to unknown factors. Many couples face problems of infertility, due to lack of awareness or inability to find the right medicine.
Are you also tired of listening to barren woman remarks? Are you thinking of a solution? You can break the curse of infertility with Pregnyl.

Pregnyl injection is scientifically suggested therapy that is gaining popularity today. It has been introduced after several trials and research. This incredible injection promotes fertility in women & also works for males in generating sperm count. Here is the rundown to know more about Pregnyl mechanism of action, dosage, side effects and essential precautionary measures you must follow:

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Pregnyl is an injection taken in the dose of pregnyl hcg 5000IU and 10000IU; through intramuscular (IM) route or subcutaneous (SC) route on day one; followed by Menotropins. Menotropins aids in infertility treatment.
Pregnyl is a pharmaceutical preparation containing synthetic HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. HCG is a natural hormone formed in pregnant females; helps female diagnose her pregnancy. It stimulates ovulation process in females; thus helps in the natural ovulation cycle. It also assists in low sperm count in men due to delayed puberty.

Ideal dosage for Pregnyl are mentioned here. The quantity of intake depends on the age & medical condition. In case of men- A male should be take 500 to1000 IU thrice in a week up to 3 weeks and it must be followed by the similar dose within 2 or 3 weeks.

While for females, it should be administered pregnyl hcg 5000 to 10000 IU one day. This medication is also of tremendous relief amongst children with Prepubertal Cryptorchidism. The ideal dosage to be administered is 5000IU on every other day for four injections.

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Possible Side Effects of Pregnyl Injection are as under:

 Fatigue
 Headache
 Irritability
 Redness at the injection site
 Restlessness

Seek medical attention, in case any of the above side effects tends to become more severe.

Precautionary measures to be followed while using Pregnyl 5000IU and 10000IU:

1. Ensure to use sterile needles while injecting.
2. Always dispose of the syringes & injections carefully.
3. If you have medical conditions such as a pituitary gland tumor, adrenal gland ailments, primary ovar Pregnant women should also avoid its use.
5. Store at room temperature, away from sunlight and moisture.

Ending Infertility:

Infertility is not something, without cure today. If you will follow right treatment methods, you can surely fulfill your dream of parenthood. Pregnyl 5000IU and 10000IU is breakthrough medicine available in our pharmacy store, along with other OTC and prescription medication. Place your first order now and avail maximum benefits on next purchase.