Infertility is an abnormal condition that experience by large number of population. This is a horrible issue that nowadays develops in both males and females. There is no exact cause for this condition, but it creates lots of problem in anyone's life. 

Pregnyl is a first line treatment that profitably used in both genders to rectify the abnormal issues, which develop due to the infertility. 

Pregnyl is a proficient remedy that is significantly consumed by an individual, who is suffering from infertility. This is an excellent drug that contains a harmless synthetic agent of polypeptide hormone as an active pharmaceutical ingredient, which is known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This vital ingredient is responsible to conduct unbeatable effect against infertility in both genders, i.e. male and females. 

This drug is approved by an FDA that is distributed in the market as an injectable preparation, which is available in two different effective doses, i.e. 5000 and 10000 IU.  This parental preparation is safe and secure for an individual; as this drug is comes in the market after carrying out various standardization tests like pyrogen test. 

How Pregnyl reveals its pharmacological action in the body? 

Pregnyl contains an artificial polypeptide hormone, which is a functional analogue of luteinizing hormone (it is a hormone that synthesize in the body naturally). This gonadotropin hormone is helpful to reveal its favorable action by stimulating the pituitary gland to potentiate the production and development of gonads, i.e. ovary in females. In males, it works by interacting with receptors of the leydig cell to promote the synthesis and activity of testosterone to produce testes.    

How should you take Pregnyl? 

This medicine should be administered into deep muscle of the body with help of injection. The dosing schedule of this drug is varying from person to person, as per the age, condition, gender and disorder of the patient. In male, this drug should be administered into the body in 2 to 3 doses per week. In female, a single dose of this drug is injected into the body, after implementing the full course of treatment with Menotropin. 

Always take this dosage form in prescribed manner, don't change your dosing profile as per your wish. This can be dangerous to the patient. 

Enhancing your dosing consumption more than the prescribed dose can develop the noxious symptoms in an individual like breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, depression and breast tenderness. 

What are the minor side effects of Pregnyl? 

There are some common side effects that may arise in the body like hypersensitivity problem at the site injection, urinary retention, tiredness, headache, stomach cramps, vomiting and nausea. 

Who should not take Pregnyl? 

This dosage form should not be consumed by a person having health issues like history of allergic problems with any ingredient of this drug, polycystic ovarian syndrome, precocious puberty, prostatic or androgenic dependent cancer and thyroid problem. But, the interesting fact is that these side effects can last for sometime in the body. 

What are the safety measures while consuming Pregnyl? 

  • Intake of alcohol during the session of treatment with drug can be dangerous to the patient, so it is beneficial to avoid taking alcohol based products.
  • Rigorous toxicity effects can be seen in a woman, if this dosage form is taken during pregnancy.
  • Store this drug in a cool temperature but should not place this drug into freeze.
  • Avoid using this dosage form, in case you find changes in color, odor and broken seal of the dosage form.
  • Inject this drug with great caution, if it is taken by pregnant woman because little bit mistake during administration of drug can lead to develop life threatening child birth defects. 

Where you can buy Pregnyl?

Buy Pregnyl online from the reputed sites of pharmacy to get genuine product at your doorsteps as soon as due to fast shipping service in cost effective range.