Sometimes couples forget to use barrier methods or any type or precaution during physical intimacy to prevent pregnancy. But with the use of contraceptive pills there is no need to worry about that. They are available either as combined pill, which contain two hormones as progestin and estrogen or mini pill, which contains only one hormone called progesterone. And that is why mini pills are called as progestogen only pills (POP).

A woman gets pregnant when a male sperm reaches to one of female eggs. Contraception pill helps to prevent this process by keeping sperm and egg part and by stopping egg production also.

Cerazette is a birth control pill that a female can use to control birth or pregnancy and comes under POP class of drug as it contains only one sex hormone, progestogen. Cerazette is a contraceptive medicine only and does not protect you from any kind of STDs (sexually transmitted disease).

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What it contains and how it works?

Cerazette is a type of progestogen only pill (PO) that contains only one type of female sex hormone in a derivative form of naturally occurring progesterone called as desogestrel. It can be taken by breast feeding mothers also and women who have allergic reactions with estrogen as it do not contain it.

It is also called as mini pills and acts as birth control pills having high contraceptive efficacy by preventing the release of egg from ovary (ovulation). Thus preventing the sperm entry via womb leads to inhibit the fertilization process by increasing the thickening of mucus in womb neck and it also prevents the ripening of egg.

Method to consume Cerazette-

Each strip contains film coated 28 tablets of progesterone hormone that a female needs to take as whole with water at same time each day. Start first tablet of Cerazette on first day of your menstrual period and take in a continuous manner until a strip ends and then start a new cycle with a new packet just after last packet for as long as you want prevention. You can also start it up to day 5 of your menses.

In case of missed dose consult your physician and never over dose your medicine to cover up the missed dose. 

With proper and regular use it is 99% effective and can be effective even in women who are 40 years or above.

Important points to note that can be contraindicated before intake of Cerazette-

  • In case of hypersensitivity to progesterone or any other ingredient of it,
  • If you have problem of blot clot formation in blood vessels,
  • Do not take in case of liver disorder such as jaundice, certain types of breast cancer and unexplained vaginal bleeding.
  • Do not take in case you are pregnant or in case of breast feeding.

Side effects that may occur with the use of Cerazette comprise nausea, irregular vaginal bleeding, mood change, depressed mood, acne, breast pain and change in weight.

Safety measures or precautions that a female need to remember-

  • Take care if you ever had a case of diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Precautious in case of tuberculosis and epileptic disorder.
  • May interact with other medicines of HIV infections, anti depressant, drugs for upset stomach, so do not take with it.

Where can you buy Cerazette?

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