Love is an everlasting deep-rooted element; no matter what is your gender or your age, you can enjoy your love life as long as you wish. Love activity is the overruling and productive force that deepens love relationships. The surprises in our lives always come out at us when we never expect it. Sometimes surprises are welcome while sometimes they leave us in terror and complete shock. Unforeseen pregnancies can be electrifying for many of us, but sometimes they can also lead us to feel worried, dejected and scared of what the future holds. Many times you are not ready to cope with the changes that you will face by bringing a new child into the world. These unplanned pregnancies may interrupt your personal as well as love life.  Sometimes women are carrying an unplanned pregnancy due to the failure of contraceptive or unprotected lovemaking activity, so in this case emergency contraceptive is a useful solution to protect from future pregnancy.


Nowadays, emergency contraceptives are preferred by millions of women in the world because of several concerns, like unexpected or unintentional lovemaking activity, forced sex, the fall down of physical contraceptives, failed or missed to take birth control pills, a couple wants to enjoy their love life and when a female is not mentally or physically prepared to rejoice her motherhood. Plan B is the best solution that helps you to come out from these issues. Buy Plan B from standard pharmacy store.


In an unexpected romantic day and you absolutely forgot to use any contraceptive or your contraceptives got failed, then don't worry! There are easy solutions called “Plan B” that helps you to prevent undesired pregnancy.

 Plan B

Plan B is also called as an emergency oral contraceptive pill that has a magnificent approach in preventing the possibility of pregnancy after defenseless lovemaking activity or due to the failure of contraceptives. Plan B pill consists of 1.5 mg of pharmacologically active medicine known as Levonorgestrel. Plan B is used within 72 hours of the undefended lovemaking activity or failure of contraception during sensual intimacy.


Levonorgestrel prevents ovulation and enhances the viscosity of the cervical mucus that stops the sperm from reaching towards the egg. It alters the lining of the uterus and prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall.


How to consume Plan B?

You have to consume one tablet of Plan B orally with an enormous amount of water within 72 hours after defenseless lovemaking activity or suspected contraceptive failure. You have to consume Plan B right away after the unprotected lovemaking activity, and then you are supposed to take another tablet of Plan B after 12 hours of taking the first dose.


Use of Plan B may cause some noxious effects such as heavy or light menstrual bleeding, dizziness, vomiting, breast tenderness, tiredness, stomach ache, nausea, pelvic pain, irregular menstruation, and diarrhea.


Be attentive:

  • If a woman has a history of heavy vaginal bleeding, then avoid using this medicine.
  • If you have allergic reactions with Plan B then avoid using this medicine.
  • You should have to use this medicine within 72 hours after the undefended lovemaking activity.
  • If you're already pregnant, then don't use this medicine because it will not work.

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