Cancer it the disease caused to the uncontrolled division of cells in various parts of the body.

According to the site of origin, cancer is classified into various types:

  • Carcinoma: This type of cancer originates from the epithelial layer of cells that forms the lining of external parts of the body. It usually affects organs such as breast, lungs, bladder, colon and prostate.
  • Sarcoma: This type of cancer usually originates in connective and supportive tissues including muscles, bones, cartilage and fat.
  • Myeloma: It is a type of blood cancer and usually occurs from plasma cells of bone marrow.

Nexavar is the best medication for treatment of cancer, which comprises of generic Sorafenib as a crucial component. It is used for the treatment of liver cancer, thyroid cancer or any other type of kidney cancer known as advanced renal cell carcinoma.

Uses of Nexavar

  • For Treatment of advanced renal cell cancer
  • treating hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
  • For management of thyroid cancer

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Functioning of Nexavar:

This medication shows its therapeutic action by interfering with the growth and spreading of cancer cells all over the body.

Prescribed dose of Nexavar to be consumed

A patient should consume a recommended dose of is 400 mg two times in a day.  This medicine should be consumed without food at least 1 hour prior or 2 hours later after consuming the meal.

If the reduction of the dose is necessary, then the dose must be reduced 400 mg once daily. If more reduction of dose of required, then the person should consume a prescribed dose of 400mg every alternate day.

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Various conditions in which Nexavar should not be consumed are:

  • If you are suffering from renal and hepatic impairment other than cancer, then you should not use this medication.
  • A person with the history of stroke or heart attack should avoid consumption of this medication.
  • If you are sensitive towards generic Sorafenib, then you should not consume this medication.
  • Avoid intake of this medication, if you are suffering from bleeding disorder.
  • Consumption of this medicine should be avoided in case of lung cancer. 

Various undesired adverse effects exhibited by Nexavar are tired feeling, vomiting, diarrhea, mild stomach pain, mild itching or rashes, weight loss and thinning of hair, dizziness, fainting, sweating, swelling, rapid weight gain and shortness of breath. 

Precautionary measures to be following while consuming Nexavar are: 

  • Sorafenib passes through the body fluids, so the care taker should wear gloves at the time of cleaning the body fluids of patient.
  • Infrequent bleeding is noticed in patients consuming Warfarin while following the dose regimen of Nexavar. The patient should be regularly monitored for the alteration in prothrombin time.
  • Geriatric and Pediatric patients should consume this medication with extreme caution.
  • A person consuming this medication should avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • You should avoid exposure to sun while consuming this medication or should use sun screen or protective clothing while going out in sun.
  • You should not consume Aspirin or products containing aspirin without the permission of doctor. 

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