One of the complex processes in women is the menstrual cycle where hormones play their important role. Some are increased some decreased depending on the condition and when an imbalance happens in them then other related problems may happen.

Estrogen and progesterone are the two regulating hormones for the menstrual cycle. Any change in menstrual cycle can affect a woman's fertility and menopause effects. Progesterone hormone is produced naturally in women to maintain various reproductive functions and sexual characteristics. Hence, when progesterone hormone is disturbed and affects the menstrual cycle, then Provera medication is given to regulate the processes.

Provera medicineis a brand name for Generic Medroxyprogesterone, which is synthetically prepared progesterone to act similar to naturally produced one in the woman's body. Various menstrual related disorders of excessive menstruation, the absence of menstruation, endometriosis, or lack of progesterone hormone during menopause are all treated by using Provera medication.

provera tablets comes as orally administered formulation with dosage strengths of 2.5mg, 5mg, and 10mg. Therefore, the advised dose is given depending on the patient's conditions. Generally suggested dosing schedule of Provera for managing unusual and heavy bleeding, is 2.5 to 5mg per day for 5 to 10days given on 16th to 21st day of menstrual cycle. The cycle can be repeated for two rounds. To treat the condition of secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), the suggested dose is 2.5-10mg daily dose for 5-10days and can be repeated for three cycles. As a hormone replacement therapy, Provera is given as 2.5mg to 10mg daily dose for some specific days in a month.

Provera is taken with or without the meal. Many things can change the drug effect, so never alter the dosing on your own. Provera may possess some adverse effects of fatigue, fluid retention, headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, nausea, change in weight, or loss of appetite. If any of the sign and symptoms worsens, then stop the medication and have physician consultation.

Provera should be taken with some warnings and precautions as follows-

  • You should not take Provera if you have allergic responses to any ingredient of Provera.
  • Do not take Provera if you are or may be pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  • Children and geriatric individuals should not take Provera.
  • Provera should not be taken under medical conditions of breast cancer, liver, or kidney ailment, blood clotting disorder, any ophthalmic problem, or in the case of undiagnosed vaginal bleeding.
  • Avoid consuming Provera with any other medication without having a consultation.

Thus, regulate your monthly menstrual bleeding and other related problems without any difficulty. Buy Provera online at reasonable rates from our drug portal with exciting offers.