Alopecia is a condition of partial or complete hair loss from your scalp. Hair loss is a common situation nowadays. Loss of 100-150 hair strands is quite common that is natural. However, if you find more hair than that in your comb rather than scalp, then it is an alarming state. You can relate hair loss with poor diet insufficient in nutrients, stress, infections, hormonal imbalance during puberty, pregnancy, or menopausal age. Hair loss cannot be differentiated in men or women. Both genders suffer from hair loss due to declining in thickness and density of hair. Hair loss is patchy or all over that increases gradually with time. Baldness is generally not caused by any disorder. It is because of certain factors of age, hereditary, hormonal imbalance. Pattern baldness affects more in men than women do. Around one-half of men are affected by hair loss with an onset at the age of 30 that will turn into baldness or balding pattern by the age of 60.


Treatment for hair loss-

 Home remedies are to some extent helpful in combating your condition such a diet rich in proteins, vitamin C and E, oiling, or trimming. Expensive shampoos, conditioners are not the solution. In fact, excessive use of grooming products damages your hair. You can apply henna powder also as a natural conditioner.


When nothing is helping, then you should have to go for medical treatment and the best solution that you can use is Mintop hair solution that consists of Minoxidil as its active ingredient.  Mintop hair solution is a topical solution that needs to be applied externally to reduce hair fall.


Mintop hair solution

Gain confidence back with an enhanced look of regained hair with the use of Mintop hair solution. Purchase Mintop hair solution online at reasonable rates without the need of any doctor's prescription.

Before using Mintop Hair solution-, you should have to consider some preventive measures before and while using Mintop solution such as do not apply this solution if your scalp is red, irritated, sunburned, or broken. Do not apply Mintop solution if you have oversensitivity towards any constituent of Mintop solution. Use of hair growth solution is not recommended for individuals who are not above than 18 years. Pregnant women or lactating mothers should take extra precautions. Do remember not to use Mintop hair solution for sudden hair loss or at the front area of the scalp.


Mintop hair solution is available in various strengths and the best one suitable for you depends on your conditions. Generally, 2% solution is suggested for women while 5% and 10% are recommended for males.


Way to use Mintop hair solution-

Mintop contains Minoxidil as its active moiety that is a vasodilator and helps in enhancing the hair growth with improved functioning of the hair follicle. Minoxidil causes the widening of blood vessels and opens the potassium channels to boost more oxygen, nutrients, and blood flow to the hair follicles. Thus, hair follicles shed in Telogen phase and new growth happens in Anagen phase. This way Mintop hair solution helps in stimulate the growth of hair.


First, wash and dry your scalp and then apply 1ml of Mintop solution with an applicator or hand. Let the solution be in contact with scalp for at least 4 hours. Dosing of Mintop solution is generally two times a day. Wash your hands after application.


Side effects-A user may feel burning sensations, itching, drowsiness, swelling of hands or feet, or change of hair color and texture. Prevent the use of solution on the surface other than recommended or you may notice unwanted hair growth.  


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