Erectile Dysfunction is an awkward condition of sexual connection which develops in the body of a man due to certain malfunctions especially in the flow of blood in the penile organ. The disorder of erectile dysfunction is considered as the age-related disorder but in actual it’s not only an age-associated disorder but is affected by many other factors as well.

  • Medicines of narcotics, antihistaminic, antidepressants and the blood pressure regulators impact directly to the erection of the men. This is because the medicines release epinephrine & adrenaline in the body whose presence kills the men ability to get aroused in bed.
  • Men with obesity or the one having high waist circumference have higher levels of harmful visceral fat that in turn responds to lower testosterone levels thus impacts potency of men
  • Smoking damages internal lining of the blood supplying vessels that directly puts impact over the smooth muscles of the penile organ making them weaker and insufficient to get sturdy in a quick arousal
  • Men those who lack the sufficient our sleep boozes alcohol a lot and are always in stress are at higher risk to suffer from the sexual dysfunction due to more exhaustion in the body
  • Men those have long hours sitting job and there maneuvering is limited plus don’t do any exercise can slowly develop inflammation in their penile blood vessels that further lowers the flow of blood in the penile organ
  • Moreover, men who wear tight underpants and mostly work by placing the laptop over his lap near to groin gets lose in their penile muscles and develop what we call erectile dysfunction

Impotence in men is a big question of his eternal power and manliness. The condition of poor erection is well treated by the medicine Vidalista 40mg tablet consisting active ingredient Tadalafil. You can take this pill 15-30 minutes before making physical with a partner and can enjoy the effect of medicine until the long-term duration of 36 hours.

The mechanism via this medicine acts is inhibiting the action of enzymes set PDE5. The basic motto of which is to break down the molecules of cGMP into smaller subunits. The higher concentration of cGMP and NO develops in men body further acts to dilates the blood vessels and relax the penile muscles for allowing a good circulation of blood in the penile organ making the men stood erect in his organ with awesome measurements.

Few worries allied to Vidalista medicine are a pain in the lower abdomen, stiff and long-term painful penile, rash, dryness, and itching in the groin region of the man.

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Few safety tips a man can follow when taking Vidalista medicine are;

  • Outwit some habits like alcohol boozing & smoking
  • Do not take grapefruit juice, caffeinated beverages and oily foods that take a long time to digest food
  • Do not repeat medicine before 36 hours else you may get Priapism
  • Vehicle riding and machinery operation are some tasks to be avoided after taking the Vidalista pill

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