Reaching to orgasm makes both the man and woman feels great and certainly, the couple gets best emotional and physical wellbeing on making out. Another best feeling of a world that a couple gets on making a successful conception is the news of becoming pregnant. Pregnancy brings joy and adds new hopes to the life of the couple to relive their childhood again and experience how their love mating can develop into a new human in the womb which is half from the women and a half from the man. It’s always a surprise to see your DNA growing up as a baby. Your love gets a destination and life gets a new motivation when you hold your newborns in your arms and sees a reflection of yours on his/her face and activities.

Alas! Not all people are lucky enough to experience this worthy moment in their life and the reason to this is Infertility issue. In men the usual issues to infertility includes lack of sperms in the semen, deformed sperms, any blockage in the ducts carrying sperms to the ejaculation, short in Testosterone concentration are also the reason behind infertility issues in men whereas a woman might struggle with issues like low Progesterone level, amenorrhea, anovulation, PCOS, poor sized ovum cells and many such related issues.

Pregnyl 5000IU injection having a generic HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin provides a complete care to both male and female patients against the medical case of infertility. This injection plays a key role in boosting the fertility both in man and in a woman. Pregnyl not only multiplies the number of sperm cells in the semen ejaculation but also raise the concentration of male hormone Testosterone. In women doing of Pregnyl resumes the ovulation and turns the menstruation process healthy and restores other usual functions of the body as well.

The manner to administer Pregnyl dosing to patients vary in the following manner:

  • For correction of the process of Anovulation in women, Pregnyl 5000IU for once a time in a day given through IM/Sc route following the last dose of Menotropins restores the women’s infertility.
  • For correction of Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism, a man should follow the dosing of Pregnyl
  • 500 to 1000 units 2 times a week for 3 weeks through IM/Sc route.
  • Young boys whose testicles have not descended to the scrotal sac (Prepubertal Cryptorchidism) should follow their treatment from the dosing range of 5000IU given four injections on every alternate day.

Some adverse effects allied to Pregnyl injection dosing are nausea, headache, exhaustion, frequent mood jabs, rash in the intimate region, pain, bruising and inflammation at the site of injection, agitation, a heavy voice in females and increase in the facial hairs.

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Advisory guidelines for patient of Pregnyl Injection users are given below:-

  • Conduct your pre-gynecological visit to physician to ratify the cause of illness
  • Multiple pregnancies is the risk associated with Pregnyl injection, therefore, patient should be put under the deep vigilance of OB/Gyn
  • Kids under the age of 4 years should not be suggested for this therapy unless you have seen the physician

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