Erectile Dysfunction unfortunately is a common male sensual health issue which is a source of dissatisfaction and annoyance in many males. This disease has spread throughout the world and is highly prevalent affecting all age groups now. Males suffering from erectile dysfunction are also seen to refrain from going to the doctor as they feel humiliated and do not want to discuss their condition with anyone. This is another problem as ED can sprout from various conditions such as diabetes, certain heart diseases, psychological disorders and use of medications. To treat or manage this condition we have a set of options available for which oral medications are highly preferred. Though before that you must try some self-help strategies and make certain lifestyle changes as these can also help a lot with your situation. Kegel exercises or the pelvic floor exercises are one of such activity you can bring along which might have a positive effect on your condition. Like every muscle in the body, the pelvic floor is important as well even more so in lovemaking as these muscles surround your pelvic area. Training and strengthening these muscles is important as they can improve your ability to have a strong erection.  There are many studies conducted on this exercise which offer good reasons for a male suffering from erectile dysfunction to turn to these exercises, the result is good and you may see a positive change if you do them regularly. In many males the reason for erectile dysfunction is something else and many may not be able to get benefit from this exercise, you need a medication called Vardenafil Tablets.

Vilitra is a potent medication which is widely used for the successful management of Erectile Dysfunction or impotence in males. This drug is accepted far and wide for the unfailing response it offers to the sufferers of ED after every use. This brand contains a drug called Vardenafil which it improves the blood flow and offers a sturdy erection. The imparted erection is sustained and keeps up for a longer period. This drug revives your love life significantly.

Vardenafil is a drug of the PDE-5 inhibitor class, this medication as the name hints block the functioning of PDE-5 enzyme which causes a hindrance in erection. The specific inhibition of this enzyme stops its disintegration of cGMP which is a chemical required for erection. What this chemical does is, it dilates and relaxes the penile blood vessels and increases the blood flow through the male genital. This engorges the penile shaft and makes it erect.

Vilitra can be bought from our online drug cart in the dosing ranges of 20, 40 and 60mg as a tablet formulation. Generally the therapy is begun with a 20mg dose which can be later increased if the present dose fails to offer a response. Take it once a day with water about 45 minutes before making out.

Adverse effects of this drug that come along as byproducts are a headache, sickness, blocked nose, indigestion, overexcitement, painful back, facial flushing, muscle tenderness, and priapism. Safety measures to be implemented:

Excessive alcohol and grapefruit juice must not be taken if you are on this medication as these products can hamper the effectiveness of the therapy. Being on therapy with any nitrate-containing drugs, you need to avoid taking Vilitra.

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