You are having hair fall, seeing excessive hair fall makes you go in depression. Even one day you dreamt yourself without hair, you were panicked and started searching for hair care products. You tried all kinds of shampoos mild or moderate, oils, and hair packs. However, all were useless. Hair loss occurs when your roots are weak that leads to shedding of hair. Boys are more prone to hair loss. Each hair on your scalp has a growth cycle. In the case of men with male pattern baldness, hair fall occurs when this growth cycle begins to weaken and hair follicles shrink resulting in shorter and thinner hair. Men who are facing hair fall should start using Regaine, a topical preparation.

Females want long and strong hair on their head. Not every woman is blessed with denser hair. Fewer women have a head full of hair that is long, denser, and strong. Women face hair fall mostly after pregnancy, due to pollution, lack of nutrition and hormonal imbalance. Each hair strand contributes to our density of hair. Loss of A single strand of hair is a big loss. Before your hair begins to thin and before you go bald, you should start using Regaine. Regaine is a complete solution for your hair growth. There are many men and women who are suffering from hair loss; Regaine is an ultimate solution for getting back your locks of hair on your scalp.

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Regaine topical Minoxidil solution stimulates hair growth in patients who experience thin hair on the scalp and excessive hair fall on top of the scalp. Minoxidil is an effective vasodilator that dilates blood vessels on the scalp, improves the functioning of hair follicles, and results in good hair growth on the scalp. Dosing scheme: The usual adult dose for preventing alopecia is to apply 1 ml to affected area topically on scalp two times per day. Do not exceed the dose from 2 ml in a day. Always wash your head with mild shampoo before using Regaine. Dry your scalp and hair before you apply Regaine. Keep the solution as applied on your scalp at least for four hours before you wash your head. You should avoid water to get on your scalp.

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Some don'ts to follow with Regaine topical: You should not apply Minoxidil solution in case you have an allergic reaction to this drug. Avoid getting Regaine solution in your eyes, mouth, or nose. In case this solution gets in your eyes, wash with water. Minoxidil may lead to dizziness and the effect will be more if alcohol is used so be cautious while performing unsafe tasks. Do not use on the scalp that is irritated or sunburned. Do not use in children.

Ill effects with Regaine topical: Some side effects you observe with Regaine are itching, redness, or irritation at the affected area, unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body, dizziness, fainting, fast heartbeat, chest pain, allergic reaction, swollen hands, or feet, burning and irritation of an eye.

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