Contrary to popular belief, not every disease exudes symptoms beforehand. Some diseases or conditions silently creeps in your life and becomes a living reality. Depression is one such disorder that most of the people will fail to see when they meet you, sit with, eat with you or even when they are friends with you. On most of the days, you yourself will find to be functioning normally, while on other days you would face utter difficulty to get out of the bed, step out or even comb your hair and brush your teeth. Depression does take a toll on overall being of a human and sucks all the energy out making him feel worthless in most of the life situations.  If depression is not treated aptly on time then it could lead to some serious consequences including suicidal thoughts. Depression can be cured completely with the help and support of your loved one and a little bit of counselling, which has proved to be of the great help. However, the treatment of depression is incomplete without medications that balance the level of neurotransmitters. Valdoxan 25mg Tablets is one such medicament that helps in successfully beating the blues of this disorder.

Valdoxan 25mg is an exemplary medication employed for the treatment of depression in adults. This medicament is used for successfully getting rid of the condition of melancholy, sadness, and disinterest in activities of life. This medication restores your energy and helps you overcome the sadness by reviving your interest in life, thus making you, happier and more optimistic about life. Agomelatine is the main moiety responsible for the functioning of this component.

Agomelatine 25 mg is an agent that belongs to the category of selective serotonin and melatonin reuptake inhibitors. This medicine blocks their reuptake at the pre-neuronal junction, which results in the increase in their concentration in the brain, thereby resulting in a calming and soothing effect on the mind causing alleviation in depression.

The available dosing strength of Valdoxan is 25mg in the form of a tablet. A person going through depression must take a single tablet of this medication orally with water, just before going to bed, only one time in a day. Do not consume a dose higher than suggested. In case you take a higher dose, seek medical help as early as possible.

Undesirable effects one may experience in using Valdoxan are vomiting, sleepiness, constipation drowsiness, dizziness backache, sedation, headache, tiredness, and nausea.

Safety measures taken with the use of Valdoxan are

  • Stay away from the use of alcohol, sedatives, and any recreational drug while undergoing this treatment.
  • Performing tasks that are challenging are inadvisable right after waking up while using this medication.
  • This medication should not be taken by pregnant women, children and older women.
  • Anyone who is still below 18 years should keep away from the use of this medication.
  • Store Valdoxan in a cool and dark place far from the reach of children and pets.

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