Being a mother is a reality and the destiny of every girl that gives her the completeness of being a woman. Without experiencing the phase of motherhood you can’t joy the phase of being a real woman. Fertility is the characteristic of woman those can’t are called barren. Being barren is the greatest curse on women and her feminism and a major drawback for the society as well.

Not being able to procreate is terrifying for the women and a biggest heartbreaking injustice of nature but the science of modern era has successfully found out the ways to be out the situation of infertility and this is not through any surgery but via taking a simple injection of HCG. Yes! You got right its Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Pregnyl 5000 iu. The drug that treats Cryptorchidism in young boy’s means corrects the medical state in which the testicles have not been descended into the scrotal sac. 

If you’re a couple of age between 30 years than the maximum you can try for 1 complete year or if the couple is age above 35years then max they can take chances is 6 months. Crossing this safe time limit patient should surely seek the advice of a physician.

Taking HCG injections regularly for the defined duration as prescribed by a physician will counter many clinical issues that were acting as a hurdle in way of conception. Like Anovulation (irregular periods due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Past pelvic infection, Endometriosis, poor sperm shape, health and low density impacts the men fertility. The absence of sperm from the semen, poor hormonal concentration such as Testosterone in men affects the issues of fertility.

HCG is men & women treats infertility in only few injection dosing’s by improvising the ovum size of women, regularizing menstruation and raising the concentration of sperms in the ejaculated semen via boosting the levels of Testosterone hormone may acts to raise the potency and virility of men. HCG reverses infertility to fertility.

Know the dosing chart of HCG injection:

  • Pregnyl HCG Injection in strength 4000IU rectifies male infertility issue of Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism when the dosing is given to the patient for thrice a week till 6-9 months followed by dosing of 2000IU thrice a week for an added 3 months.
  • HCG injection in women corrects the Anovulation when the prescribed dosing strength is 5000IU-10,000IU. This dosing can further be followed by the dosing of Menotropins.
  • Prepubertal Cryptorchidism the case of young age boys of the undropped testis in scrotum can be rectified by the dosing of 5000IU when injected to the patient on an alternate day till four injections.

Some unwanted but common after effects of HCG injections are nausea, mood swings, diarrhea, vomiting, body fatigue, perplexing, pain and bruising at the site of injection. Some of the safety suggestions for the patient to be followed for an effective outcome are mentioned below:

  • The pre-gynecological checkup is must for the patient prior beginning with HCG injection for improvising fertility function.
  • People taking HCG injection has good chances to develop multiple pregnancies therefore close monitoring is essential
  • Use an only sterile syringe for injecting HCG dosing

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