I cannot tell you how much pleasure is getting to share my brother story in past tense. To begin with, there was hair loss each time he brushed his hair, each time he oiled his hair, each time he washed his hair; in short, he was like losing a hair with every breath he took. This sustained for more than a year after his marriage. He got crazy trying out various options. He never had hair fall problem, in fact, my brother and I are blessed with such great hair that we never needed to use conditioner even to make sure a shampoo like shine every day. Even that baldness pattern started on his scalp. He feels ashamed to go out from home, even during his working hours he used to wear a cap all the time so that no one could make fun of his. His wife even too did not like to go with him for parties, outing due to his baldness pattern. He actually tried all the shampoos and conditioner that were possibly launched in the ‘Hair fall rescue’ group. Each one failed him in their own sweet way. At last, he started doing a search on hair care on Google. He was like in a ‘get-set-go’ mood to eliminate the hair fall from roots. He started doing a deep study on hair fall. He studied about all the shampoos and conditioner, and what they do etc. Finally, in one of the article during his research, he came to know about Finpecia 1mg tablet, meant to cure male baldness pattern. From that day, he started taking this medication, and this medication works amazingly that his hair starts growing again within 3 months. So, if you are also looking for male baldness medication, then go for Finpecia 1mg.

Finpecia (Finasteride 1Mg) is one of the greatest prescription medications in the market for the cure of hair loss in men only. It is very compelling and effective pharmaceutical product used for the hair loss treatment, as it provides unique slowing down and stopping of hair loss, as well as the new growth of hair.

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Finasteride is a main working component of Finpecia 1 mg comes under the class of type II 5alpha-reductase inhibitor. It acts by hindering the activity of 5-alpha reductase and thus causes the formation of dihydrotestosterone in the scalp to fall, as testosterone cannot be transformed in amounts that would escort to hair loss. This causes the hair loss to drop down and ultimately stop.

Commercially, the Finpecia is accessible under the dose strength of 1mg. Men should have to consume a dose of 1mg once in a day, orally with a massive amount of water. You can consume this medication with or without food. You should continue to take Finpecia for 3 months or longer duration as suggested by your doctor. Do not stop taking Finpecia 1 mg in between this time, as it may resume hair loss within 12 months again if stop suddenly.

Men should not have to put away a dose of Finpecia 1 mg if they are allergic to the active constituent of Finpecia, else it may increase the chances of prostate cancer. If you are women or especially pregnant women, then you should have to avoid the use of this medication. Do not take this medication if suffering from suffering from prostate cancer, liver disease, and trouble in urination.

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