Women feel shy or due to any reason do not include the topic of vaginal hygiene in their conversation about hair, skin, and makeup discussions. Vaginal area is very delicate and needs proper care like every other body part so maintaining proper hygiene in the intimate area is essential not only to feel clean and fresh but also to avoid certain health problems. Some tips to maintain hygiene in a natural way includes-


  • Carefulness while purchasing any cosmetic product for the vaginal area as these can alter the pH and leads to the growth of harmful bacteria. 
  • Wash the external area instead of internal.
  • Regular wash your intimate area to prevent bacterial transmission.
  • Use only your hands while washing and do not use gloves or sponges.
  • Wear cotton clothes, always use a soft towel to wipe the area and always try to wash your intimate area before and after intercourse.
  • Try to avoid the use of tampons and make a possible effort to avoid physical intimacy during menstrual periods to prevent the chances of infections.


Make every possible move to maintain a good hygiene in your delicate area but when it needs extra care then, you are required to go therapeutic with the use of medicines. Canesten is one of the mostly used preparations for keeping the feminine hygiene. Make an online purchase of Canesten without the need of any doctor's prescription at an affordable price.

maintain hygiene

Vaginal thrush is a condition in which a yeast fungus is able to grow quickly and cause harm to the vagina when other microorganisms are not there in a normal balance. Vaginal thrush may cause some symptoms of itching, soreness, white discharge, or pain during physical intimacy. There are many reasons behind the increase of vaginal thrushes such as obesity, diabetes, fatigue, illness, hormonal imbalance, or prolonged use of antibiotics or steroids.


Canesten is available in the form of soft gel pessary that is used for the treatment of candidal vaginitis. Clotrimazole is the active part of Canesten formulation that is an antifungal drug belonging to Azole group of medication and is used for infections such as vaginal thrush.


Canesten vaginal pessary is recommended for vaginal insert only and not for oral or any other use.


Dosing and method of use-

Adult women should insert one soft gel pessary of 500mg at night. Always wash your hands before and after the insertion. Insert using an applicator provided as high as possible into the vagina. Lie back with legs bent up to achieve successful insertion of the pessary.


Females under the age of 16 years and above 60years are not suitable for the use of Canesten.



  • Canesten gel pessary should not be used during menstrual periods due to the risk of pessary washed out of the menstrual flow. Take treatment before menstruation period starts.
  • Use of any other vaginal products, tampons, intravaginal douches, or spermicide is not advisable while using Canesten formulation.
  • Try to avoid physical intimacy so that you can prevent the chances of vaginal infections because your partner might get affected with infection too.

Few preventive measures-


Do not take Canesten in the case of hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation. Canesten is not safe in conditions of ulcers, blisters, redness, irritation or swelling in the vaginal area, foul smell of vaginal discharge, previous history of STD, more than two infections, and in suspected pregnancy or during breastfeeding state.


Some reported undesirable effects of Canesten include allergic reactions, rash, peeling, burning sense, irritation in the genital area, pelvic pain, Gastrointestinal disorders, and abdominal ache.

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