Proscar is an amazing medication used to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men with an enlarged prostate. Proscar comprises of Generic Finasteride as an active key component that helps to improve the symptoms of BPH and offer benefits that include decreased the urge to urinate, decreased nighttime urination, better urine with less straining, etc. Proscar works by decreasing the amount of certain natural hormone that causes the growth of the prostate.  Use Proscar 5 mg to overcome the problem of benign prostatic hyperplasia.


As a man matures, change in the prostate occurs through two main periods of growth. The first change occurs early during puberty when the prostate doubles in its size and the second change take place around 25 years of age when the prostate begins to grow again and these results in BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The prostate commonly gets enlarged in older men. The prostate is located close to the bladder, so because of its enlargement it causes various problems with passing urine. Some common symptoms of this disorder include:

  • Straining when urinating
  • An urgent need to urinate and difficulty postponing urination
  • A sense that the bladder has not emptied completely
  • A hesitation before urine flow starts
  • Dribbling at the end of urination or leakage afterward
  • Weak or intermittent urinary stream


Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


Generic Finasteride is an effective drug that helps to block the conversion of the testosterone hormone to the dihydrotestosterone. It works by blocking an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase.  Dihydrotestosterone is responsible for increasing prostate gland. Therefore, the decreased amount of dihydrotestosterone in the prostate causes it to shrink and finally helps you to pass urine easily.

Proscar 5mg is available in a tablet form that needs to be consumed via the oral route with a full glass of water. The recommended dose of Proscar 5 mg is once tablet in a day, with or without food. 


Intake of Proscar may cause some negative side effects that include hives, difficulty breathing, loss of sensual interact, abnormal ejaculation, dizziness, weakness, headache, runny nose, skin rash, swelling of the hands or feet, etc. Get immediate medical help in case any of these side effects getting worse.

Warning and precautions while using Proscar!!!

  • This medication is not for women and children. They are not permitted to handle Proscar.
  • Use of this drug is contraindicated in case you are allergic to it or any of its other components.
  • In the case of bladder muscle disorder, prostate cancer or liver disorder, do not use this medication.
  • This medication causes dizziness, so avoid getting up too fast from a lying or sitting position to prevent a fall.
  • If you ever had an allergy to a similar medication called dutasteride, then avoid using Proscar. 

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