Sorafenib is a medically approved medicine for the treatment of kidney and liver cancer. This drug contains generic Nexavar, which is a type of kinase inhibitor. Brand Sorafenib is a remedy that overwhelms the cancer condition by interfering with the growth and spread of cancer cells in throughout body. Pharmacologically this medicine works by inducing autophagy (it is a natural process in which body eradicates damaged cell organelles) condition.

In the present time, most of the people are facing a big problem that called cancer. In which most of the people are suffered from kidney and lung, which are mostly occur due to our diet problems. Some environmental factors are also responsible for the occurrence of lung and kidney cancer like more polluted air, smoke and chemical smoke. Sorafenib is a drug that has ability to treat cancer (kidney & liver) significantly without producing major annoying side effects.

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The prescribed intake Sorafenib that should be consumed:

Sorafenib is marketed in the form of tablet, so take them through mouth along with an enough quantity of water. The dose of this drug should be twice in a day after 1 to 2 hour before having meal or this drug is better to take on empty stomach. Crushing and chewing of the tablets are not allowed while taking them, as they produce bitter taste in your mouth. This drug should be taken continuously without breaking any week. Do not increase the dose of this drug by yourself, as it can enhance the production of side effects. It should be taken same on the daily basis, as the level of drug will maintain in your body, which is beneficial for the treatment of cancer.

"Special Note: Keep this drug away from the reach of children as readily absorb through skin, which can seriously harm your baby."

After the consumption of Sorafenib, some side effects can be produced such as irregular heartbeat, weight loss, and hair loss, loss of appetite, dry mouth, diarrhea, nausea, dry skin, acne, and raise in blood pressure, mood changes and constipation.

Safety precautions should be followed while using Sorafenib:

  • Stay away from this drug if you ever experienced allergic reaction towards generic Nexavar.
  • Avoid this drug if you a history of bleeding problems, heart problems such as heart attack, angina.
  • This drug is not suggested for the patients who have low level of potassium or magnesium in blood.
  •  Avoid immunizations or vaccinations while using this drug, as it will not show any effects.
  • If you are above the age of 75 years, then use this drug with extra cautions.
  • Do not use birth control pills while using this drug because this drug decreases the activity of birth control pills.

Sorafenib is a significant treatment of kidney and liver cancer. This drug actively stops the spreading of cancer cells throughout body and helps you to recover fast.

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