Infertility is a disorder that leaves you weeping as you cannot become a mother. You may have plans that someone should come into your life and call you a mom. You may have dreamt of your new one with whom you could play and take him or her in your lap. Infertility brings you in such a state that makes you to think that now you can no longer have babies. But this is not true, depending on the cause of the problem. When it is supposed to occur due to infrequent ovulation cycle then you should not worry. This issue can be resolved after using HCG. This medication will set right your ovulation cycle and improves the chances of fertility. When you are fertile, you are surely going to have a baby. Many women have tried this and the results were positive. After using this medication, they were able to have children.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): This medication is to boost-up an ovulation process and removes infertility issue. This is also useful in increasing the sperm count in males. It enhances the normal egg development inside an ovary. This is helpful in young boys in whom testicles have not yet dropped in the scrotum. This medicine adheres up with LHCG receptors present inside an ovary and thus keeps corpus luteum at the starting of your gestation. This allows the progesterone hormone secretion and keeps up your fetus alive.

In order to have balance in an ovulation cycle, inject 5000-10,000 units, through an intramuscular route once in a day, followed by last day of menotropins. For hypogonadism, an adult dose is 500-1000 units, through an intramuscular route, three times within a week for about 3 weeks. Later 500-1000 units via intramuscularly twice per week for about 3 week time.

Before you begin using this injectable, contraindicate in:

  • The case of severe allergies to this medicine
  • The case of hormone-related cancer
  • The case of early puberty signs

Precautions that are needed to be followed while using this form:

  • Inject with a disposable needle only once, break or throw used needles.
  • Do never self-inject if you are unaware of the way how to inject.
  • Do not use in larger or smaller than told by your doctor.
  • If any signs of a medical condition is there, talk to your doctor about this.

Side issues that you may observe are as restless feeling, irritation, headache, depression, water weight gain, breast tenderness, swelling, pain/swelling/irritation at the site of an injection.

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Right Storing place: Keep it at a safe place away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Place in a cool place but do not refrigerate.

When you observe some signs like shortness of breath, severe pelvic pain, weight gain, swelling of hands or legs, diarrhea, and less than normal urination, tell your doctor about this.

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