Planning a child needs a big set of earlier preparation as for many couples this journey is the toughest to go through because in this both the people sentiments are connected. Infertility is not merely a body inability to procreation but the couple has to go through emotional ups and down as well. Infertility is not just an issue to the body but it kills the patient inner soul brutally especially the women who would be the bearer of the future child.

The couple living in together and trying hard month by month to get pregnant later checking the result on the pregnancy kit get dishearten of not seeing those two pink lines which would be the proved success of her pregnancy. Issues to infertility may present either in women or in men because both are partially responsible for bringing the new life (newborn) over this Earth.

Men may encounter issues in their fertility due to low testosterone concentration, lack of sperms or no sperms in the men semen or deformed shape sperm cells are also responsible for not bringing up the fertility. A woman struggling with infertility condition may encounter a problem in reproduction if they don’t have healthy ovum eggs or the ovulation process is not regular means the woman’s ovary is not forming egg every single month. Low Progesterone levels and LH deficiency is also the big cause of women infertility.

HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Injection that acts in a patient to improve the levels of male and female hormones. The dosing boosts the potency of sperms as well as increase the size of the ovum cells, corrects the ovulation process and turns the men internally healthy.

  1. 1.      The regime in which HCG injection to be taken by the men for correction of Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism is 4000IU dosing shots either by IM/Sc for 3 weeks till time lapse of 6-9 months followed by dosing of 2000IU injection for 3 times/ week to an added 3 months.
  2. 2.      To prevent Anovulation in women dosing of 5000IU-10,000IU followed by Menotropins is the successful dosing
  3. 3.      To prevent the case of pubertal Cryptorchidism boys of age 4-9 years should be treated with injection strength of Ovidac 5000IU Injection on an alternate day till four injections so the testicles get easily descend in the scrotal sac.

Adverse effects of taking HCG injections are vomiting, dry throat, mood swings, unclear speech, fatigue, confusion, irritation, pain in pelvic lines and bruising at injection site.

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Safety parameters to be kept in mind by the patient on therapy of HCG Injection are as follows:

  1. 1.      Schedule a pre-gynecological visit with OB/GYN to know any of the malfunctions of medicine
  2. 2.      This medicine has the risk of developing multiple pregnancies, therefore, patient should be monitored closely by the physician
  3. 3.      Use an only sterile syringe to administer the medication to a patient

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