They say that a baby will fill the void in your heart you never knew existed. Well, the absence of the same baby can make you aware of that void, lock you inside it and throw away the keys. The condition of women suffering from infertility resonates with longing, helplessness, and pain. She eventually gets jealous of other women being a mother but not her, why not her? Why has God done that to her? She has been good all her life, she is ready to atone for her sins, she will visit the church every day, she will do all it takes, and end up fighting with God and life and her misery. Many lose hope, many continue to fight.

Barrenness is for lands not for people, lands don't wither in pain (at least we are not aware) but people do. It kills them every passing second. To be barred from the most ecstatic and fulfilling gift of God makes you unhappy, it makes you feel that you are undeserving, it cripples you. Many couples especially the female partners feel immense stress, go through depression and all sorts of gloom, the only recovery from infertility is fertility itself.

The response of pharma science has been great in this regard and there are various medications that can deal with this condition in both males and females. The most popular among them is Pregnyl 10000 IU.

Pregnyl 10000 iu is a revered brand for the effective and powerful management it does of infertility in both men and women. This medicine encloses Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is polypeptide hormone obtained from the placenta during early pregnancy. Thus necessary for maintaining the hormone level to assist further processes of pregnancy. Pregnyl is used for increasing the sperm count in males and treat the condition of undescended testicles in young boys.

HCG in synthetic analog of HCG produced naturally in the body after the commencement of pregnancy. It exerts its beneficial effects by mimicking the action of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone), which are essential for conception. In women, it works efficinetly to help in the maturation and discharge of eggs from female ovaries. While in men, it boosts the production of testosterone in order to increase the sperm count.

Pregnyl is commercially obtainable in an injection form in dosing strength of 2000IU, 5000IY, and 10,000IU and it is meant to be taken either subcutaneously (S.C) or intramuscularly (I.M). For the treatment of anovulatory infertility in females, the most common dose used is 5000IU to 10,000IU, taken after the injection of last menotropins. For the treatment of Hypogonadism or hypergonadism males, take 500 to 1000 IU thrice a week for 3 weeks, the same dose should be followed twice a week for 3 weeks. The management of Prepubertal cryptorchidism requires 4000 IU thrice a week for 3 weeks or 5000 IU every two days for 4 injections.

Certain common Pregnyl 50000 hcg side effects that may bother a few of the users of Pregnyl are diarrhea, weight gain, wheezing, nausea, vomiting, fever and severe headache.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Stay under doctor's supervision while you are relying on this therapy as women are prone to multiple pregnancies.
  • This medication should only be given to children between 4 to 9 years of age.
  • Sub cutaneous injections require skills and practice. Do not take it on your own if you are unaware of the method. 


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